Are you looking for a passionate, motivating speaker?

Shami Anand, Guest Speaker

Are you looking for a passionate, motivating speaker?

Shami is an engaging speaker and facilitator who inspires audiences to challenge their approach and create a game plan to elevate their leadership impact. 

She speaks on a variety of topics on empowerment and influence.

Her approach is authentic, actionable, and customized to address the unique needs of the audience.

"Shami’s perspectives on procurement and supply chain strategies during times of drastic change were a crucial part of our panel discussion on "The Business Sense of Tomorrow." Shami's rich experience and her unique methodology of transformation have made her an influential voice in this space.”
Matt Hawksley
CEO/Founder, Leadogo
“We hired Shami as a Procurement subject matter expert to coach our 50+ person Global Sales Team on ways to strengthen the engagement and collaboration with our Procurement customer /Supplier relationships. Shami facilitated a content-rich, engaging, interactive session with great enthusiasm and knowledge. By the end of the session, the team felt more empowered for their next interaction with the customer!”
Bill Gerraughty
CFO, Agero

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